GLOBE Program Overview:

The GLOBE (Global Learning and Observations to Benefit the Environment) Program is an international initiative dedicated to enhancing scientific literacy and fostering connections among environmental enthusiasts worldwide. With a focus on promoting environmental awareness, advancing scientific comprehension of Earth, and bolstering student proficiency in science and mathematics, GLOBE engages students, educators, researchers, and lifelong learners globally.

Currently active in 127 countries and spanning over 40,000 schools and Informal Education Organizations worldwide, the GLOBE project encourages participants to delve into Earth System Science through self-directed research projects and collaborations with NASA. By employing GLOBE's protocols, campaigns, and data initiatives, participants contribute to a collective understanding of our planet's dynamics.

Supported by NASA and federal science agencies like the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), the National Science Foundation (NSF), and the U.S. Department of State (DoS), GLOBE empowers learners to embrace the scientific method while promoting scientific literacy and diplomacy. Through community engagement, GLOBE bridges the present and future of scientific inquiry, fostering a global network of students, educators, scientists, and citizens committed to enhancing Earth's environment at all levels.

GLOBE Asia-Pacific Science Festival:

The GLOBE Asia-Pacific Science Festival (APSF) stands as a premier event celebrating science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education across the Asia-Pacific region. Designed as a nexus for students, educators, and science aficionados, the festival offers a dynamic platform for learning, collaboration, and inspiration amidst the latest STEM breakthroughs.

At the Asia-Pacific Science Festival, participants partake in diverse activities ranging from workshops and presentations to competitions and exhibits. This vibrant gathering enables students, teachers, and scientists to showcase their work, exchange knowledge, and commemorate the achievements of the GLOBE program. It serves as an invaluable opportunity for attendees to connect with like-minded peers and immerse themselves in the wonders of STEM exploration.

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Uniting a Global Community Through Science Exploration:

The Asia-Pacific Science Festival (APSF) serves as a pivotal platform that amalgamates the extensive outreach of the GLOBE Program with active engagement from students and educators. It operates as a collaborative nucleus where educators, scientists, and experts converge to deliberate and craft global outreach strategies. By nurturing research initiatives and facilitating networking opportunities, the festival endeavors to foster a vibrant environment for diverse participants while recognizing and nurturing talent through stimulating GLOBE Research Projects.


Maximum Reach

The APSF extends the global reach of the GLOBE Program by uniting students and teachers from around the world, fostering collaboration and knowledge exchange.


Shared Dialogue

By convening educators, students, scientists, and experts, the festival offers a platform for meaningful conversations and collaborations, shaping a unified global approach to scientific exploration.


Empowering Research

The festival provides a supportive environment for a wide spectrum of research projects, encouraging interaction and knowledge sharing among participants.


Building Networks

Through connecting individuals from diverse backgrounds, the event cultivates understanding and appreciation for science-driven initiatives.


Celebrating Innovation

The APSF highlights and celebrates outstanding GLOBE research projects, serving as an inspiration for future generations of scientists.

Objectives of the Asia-Pacific Science Festival

The Asia-Pacific Science Festival (APSF) aims to unite GLOBE schools, fostering collaboration and idea-sharing. It offers a dynamic platform for students across the Asia-Pacific region to interact, exchange project ideas, and engage in dialogue with experts. Additionally, the festival encourages a spirit of healthy competition among GLOBE schools, showcasing their research endeavors.


Fostering Collaboration

By bridging GLOBE schools from diverse regions, the festival cultivates a vibrant environment for the exchange of knowledge, ideas, and project inspirations, fostering global connections and friendships.


Expert Engagement

Esteemed scientists, scholars, and experts will interact with students and educators, providing invaluable guidance and sparking imaginations, thus nurturing research skills.


Celebrating Innovation

The festival acknowledges the dedication and talent of participating schools by highlighting exceptional GLOBE research projects, instilling pride and motivation in students.


Healthy Competition

A spirit of friendly competition motivates schools to excel and push the boundaries of their research, inspiring collaboration and achievement.


"Exchange Programs: Building Bridges and Inspiring Futures"

GLOBE extends beyond conventional science education; it embodies science within education. It transcends mere data collection, leveraging data as a catalyst for scientific inquiry. Picture it this way: scientists gather data to comprehend the world, and GLOBE empowers students to do the same. It sparks their inherent curiosity, prompting them to probe their surroundings. Data collection becomes a means to unravel these inquiries, propelling them on a voyage of discovery. The recording, analysis, and dissemination of this data are pivotal not only for the students but for the entire GLOBE community. It is this authentic scientific voyage that distinguishes GLOBE.

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Selected students will grace the stage to unveil their GLOBE-inspired projects, imparting their findings and insights through captivating presentations. Be enthralled by their commitment, innovation, and fervor for unraveling the mysteries of our planet.

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Connect with Experts

Engage with distinguished environmentalists, motivational speakers, and budding leaders who will share their perspectives and kindle your enthusiasm for science.

Interactive Learning

Immerse yourself in immersive simulations, hands-on activities, and dynamic sessions meticulously designed to captivate your intellect and incite proactive engagement.

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Project Showcase & Student Presentations

Embark on a journey through a lively exhibition showcasing a plethora of GLOBE Earth Science projects and posters. Witness groundbreaking research spanning water, soil, biodiversity, climate change, and more, all brought to life by the students themselves.

Cultural Celebration

Envelop yourself in the kaleidoscope of cultures through vibrant performances, including street plays, melodies, and dances, all celebrating the festival's overarching theme.

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DIY GLOBE Instruments

Acquire the skills to construct and utilize your very own GLOBE instruments during a dedicated session, empowering you to gather data and contribute to meaningful research endeavors.

Participation Opportunities

A Gathering of Minds: Invited Guests to the GLOBE Science Festival

The GLOBE Science Festival warmly welcomes a diverse array of participants from across the Asia-Pacific Region, cultivating a dynamic exchange of knowledge and ideas.

  • Renowned Scientists: Esteemed experts in their fields will grace the festival, sharing their profound insights and igniting the passion for scientific exploration among future generations.
  • Distinguished Scholars: Eminent academics will contribute their invaluable perspectives, enriching the festival with their wealth of knowledge and experience.
  • Engaged Students and Teachers: Active GLOBE Schools will be represented by three students and one dedicated GLOBE teacher, who will showcase their research endeavors. Their presence aims to foster collaboration and cross-border learning experiences.

Event Schedule & Venue

The eagerly anticipated GLOBE Asia-Pacific Science Festival is set to take place in Hanoi, Vietnam. This choice of location is particularly apt, as the Vietnam National Space Center (VNSC), also known as GLOBE-Vietnam, has recently unveiled a cutting-edge facility within the city. This impressive establishment serves as an ideal backdrop for student exchanges, science festivals, and training workshops.

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Mark your calendars! The GLOBE Asia-Pacific Science Festival commences on May 12th, 2025, at 09:00 AM and promises an exhilarating journey until May 16th, 2025.
Be sure not to miss out on the excitement unfolding at the Vietnam National Space Center in Hanoi, Vietnam.

Draft program schedule for the GLOBE Asia-Pacific Science Festival:

Time Activities
09:00 AM - 17:00 PM Arrival of Participants (Country Coordinators, Scientists, GLOBE Members, Students, Educators)
18:00 PM - 20:00 PM Welcome Reception & Registration
Time Activities
08:00 AM – 09:00 AM Registration and Breakfast
09:00 AM – 10:00 AM Opening Ceremony
10:00 AM – 12:00 PM Keynote Speeches by Renowned Environmentalists
12:00 PM – 13:00 PM Lunch Break
13:00 PM – 15:00 PM Interactive Learning Sessions
15:00 PM – 17:00 PM Project Showcase & Students Presentations
17:00 PM – 18:00 PM Networking Break
18:00 PM – 20:00 PM Cultural Celebration Performances
Time Activities
08:00 AM – 09:00 AM Breakfast
09:00 AM – 10:30 AM Panel Discussions on Climate Change, Biodiversity, and Sustainable Development
10:30 AM – 12:00 PM Hands-on Workshops on DIY GLOBE Instruments
12:00 PM – 13:00 PM Lunch Break
13:00 PM – 15:00 PM Connect with Experts - One-on-One Sessions
15:00 PM – 17:00 PM Student-Led Workshops and Simulations
17:00 PM – 18:00 PM Poster Presentations
18:00 PM – 20:00 PM Cultural Evening with Street Plays and Dance Performances
Time Activities
08:00 AM – 09:00 AM Breakfast
09:00 AM – 11:00 AM Inspiring Talks by Young Leaders
11:00 AM – 13:00 PM Breakout Sessions on Emerging Environmental Issues
13:00 PM – 14:00 PM Lunch Break
14:00 PM – 16:00 PM Collaborative Projects and Group Discussions
16:00 PM – 18:00 PM Closing Ceremony & Awards Distribution
18:00 PM – 20:00 PM Farewell Dinner
Time Activities
09:00 AM – 12:00 PM Check-out and Departure of Participants

Join the Festival

Excited to join this thrilling event? Follow these simple steps to apply:
  • Fill out the Registration Form: Visit to access and complete the registration and application form.
  • Obtain Approval from Your School: Ensure the head of your school fills out and signs the completed form.
  • Select Your Activities: Indicate your preferred activities from the list provided on the website. There's a range of options available!
  • Submit Your Application: Return the completed form to us following the provided instructions.
  • Hurry, applications close on April 18th, 2025! We're eagerly looking forward to welcoming you to the GLOBE Asia-Pacific Science Festival!

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